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At 15, Eric entered into the kitchen like a religion: it was his vocation. He completed his apprenticeship at the Hotel Central de Renaison and since then has strung together the best names: Maison Troisgros in Roanne, Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu, Pierre Gagnaire in Saint Etienne, Antoine Westermann in Strasbourg, La Belle Otéro in Cannes, Régis Marcon in Saint-Bonnet-le Froid … it is in contact with these icons of French Gastronomy that he was able to develop his personality, enriching his own culinary language.


Simplicity and elegance at the service of emotion.

Creative and demanding, Eric Pras was able to make his mark on the Maison Lameloise menu, thus giving new life to this mythical table. His cuisine, fresh, precise and delicate, banished the balance of power. It is thought around the product, to put it forward: this is the recipe that enhances the land. Particular attention is paid to pairing food and wine.


Executive Chef

Originally from Alsace, He debuted his apprentice at the age of 16. After studying in culinary school, he obtained the Bachelor Culinary Management at Institut Paul Bocuse in France and worked with the leading French Michelin-starred chefs including Anne-Sophie Pic (Beau-Rivage Palace, two Michelin stars) and Emmanuel Renaut (Flocon de Sel, three Michelin stars).

Chef Klein joined Maison Lameloise in May 2012 and cooked alongside internationally renowned, three-Michelin starred Chef Eric Pras.

Working with Michelin-starred chefs allowed Yann Klein to accumulate a variety of gastronomic knowledge, to experience different culinary approaches and to discover a diversity of authentic products and tastes.

His passion, his trustworthiness and his rigorous discipline have been key to success in building his career as a chef.

Unquenchable thirst for precision, constant challenge and improvement are part of his mission in seeking excellence and fineness in Maison Lameloise. Eric Pras has certainly well transmitted his passion for culinary delight to the young chef.

As Chef Pras, Yann Klein advocates the honest and generous cooking, the ‘balance of power’ in recipes and, of course, the delicacy.

The pleasure of the palate is essential to Chef Klein, as he believes that gourmandize is the most valuable asset in his profession. Then comes the conviviality of bringing people around the same table for a sophisticated culinary journey in one of the most iconic monuments of the city of Shanghai.


Restaurant Director

Originally from a Parisian family, it is in Normandie that Pierre grew up. At the age of 16, summer jobs allowed him to apprehend the different facets of this industry. These experiences persuaded him to move abroad and study in Switzerland. 30 years after his mother, he graduated from Glion Institute of Higher Education with a Bachelor in Hospitality Management while specializing in Real Estate finance and revenue management.

It is with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group that Pierre began his career by traveling from London to Bangkok while passing by Hong Kong. He developed a keen sense of hospitality and an international team spirit.

During a gastronomic week in Bangkok, Eric Pras notices this smiling, dynamic and professional young man. The chef convinced him to embark on the adventure of Maison Lameloise Shanghai, for this, an initiatory return in Burgundy was necessary. Throughout the seasons, Pierre discovered and learned what’s making the soul of Maison Lameloise, the chef's culinary universe and discovered the most prestigious "Terroirs" of Burgundy.

Three years later, Pierre is now the Restaurant Director of Maison Lameloise Shanghai, where not only he looks forward to welcoming a sophisticated and diverse clientele, but also transports them for a moment in the universe of a century-old restaurant proudly holding trees Michelin stars. The duo, they form with the Executive Chef Yann Klein aims to bring a touch of youth while honoring the House's legacy and maintaining the level of excellence that has been inculcated in them by Chef Eric Pras.


Pastry Chef

Born and raised in Normandy and Oise, Guillaume developed his passion for gastronomy at a young age. He quickly understood that hard work is key when he started his apprenticeship as a cook in the west of Paris.

In 2009, he gains interest in Pastry and decided to fully dedicate himself to this art. It is in Chateau Mont Royal that everything began and where he developed his passion for desserts.

After working his way up in La table du Lancaster (1 Michelin star), he joined Le Chateau de Chantilly (2 Michelin Star). For the same hotel group, he accepted the challenge to be transferred to Africa. As an executive pastry chef, he overlooked the entire pastry operation for 5 hotels.

Chef Guillaume Gautier enjoys associating different and opposite products. One of his favorite combinations is sweet and sour, matching fresh fruits with sharp and crisp vinegars. Finding a subtle balance between opposite products is an interesting challenge for the creation of new desserts.

His technic is influenced and enhanced by his vast gastronomic knowledge. Starting his career as a cook gave him a different approach to pastry. With his different experiences in France and aboard, Eric Pras is counting on Guillaume and his talent to manage and lead the Pastry team with the same rigor and generosity as it is done in Chagny.


Chef Sommelier

Maxime Duval, the Chef Sommelier of Maison Lameloise Shanghai, is originally from Lille, Northern France. He is passionate about fine wine since a young age. His grand-father, who first introduced Maxime to the art of wine tasting, is from Chablis in Burgundy, a region well-known for its dry white wine. Hence it is not a surprise that “wine is a family affair” to him, “a delicate passion transmitted from generation to generation”.

Maxime pursued an impressive career path in France, Switzerland and the UK. He worked in Michelin starred restaurants: l’Hostellerie de l'Abbaye de la Celle (Alain Ducasse, one Michelin star), Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons (Raymond Blanc, two Michelin stars), Le Restaurant de l'H?tel de Ville de Crissier (Beno?t Violier, three Michelin stars) and Anne-Sophie Pic at the Beau-Rivage Palace (two Michelin stars).

A fine bottle of wine reflects its “terroir” and every bottle comes with its own and unique story. The role of the young sommelier is to guide the guests trough a delicate journey across the world’s finest wine yards, to make them discover exclusive tastes and authentic perfumes.

The elegance, the generosity and the freshness of Eric Pras’s cuisine is and endless source of inspiration. The art of wine and food pairing is all about finding the subtle combination of flavours and textures to enhance the dining experience.

As Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin so eloquently said, “a meal without wine is like a day without sun”.